Currently in Progress

Hello webdrifters! Please don't interact if you are under 18! I love smut, talking about it, and possibly creating some too if I get the motivation! I'll try to warn for triggering content and nsfw on my page but I can only promise so much. I am foremost a yuri fan online, and I plan this website to focus on the various aspects of that. Reviews, recommendations, watchlist, fanfic, fanart, etc. etc. If I manage to keep my limited attention span on this, I plan on dabbling in all that. Probably also a little blogging since it is MY site lol

Of course, for now it is all just in progress and we'll see how far I get beyond this base layout

About Me

As I said, I'm a huge himejoshi. She/they, but any non-he/him pronouns work. Bonus points for creativity, extra bonus if I can still tell it refers to me. I'm a young adult, like feeling big and strong >:) (I am 5'5" no matter how strong I get lol), and enjoy pretty things and crazy horny shit. Now that I think of it I like all types of crazy shit, though horny stuff is extra fun. Especially horny artsy. If it's good enough horny artsy it doesn't even have to be yuri to pique my interest, though I still haven't found anything without mostly female characters that I like. I just love women too much! Also I am mentally ill lol, just the expected results of explosive cocktail that is undiagnosed autism and adhd through childhood and adolescence though. Nothing fancy

Some Characters I like

effectively a kinlist...

Characters left to right, top to bottom:

Akane shinjou from SSSS. Gridman, Asa Mitaka from Chainsaw Man, Tachibana Hibiki from Symphogear

Tachibana Kimika from Wonderful Everyday, Minazuki Satsuki from Liar Satsuki can see Death, Daiba Nana from Revue Starlight

Kumi Kawamura from Alien Nine, Hiiragi Nana from Talentless Nana, UMP45 from Girls Frontline

By no means an exhaustive list, but these are the girls on my mind enough right now to end up here. While I ping pong between obsessing over many MANY characters these are the ones I keep coming back to currently. I may or may not update this as things change, even if I don't it should still be a good intro to me and my tastes. Unless I reset at some point and lose all progress on my current self lol